Mickey Kearns doesn’t trust you to make decisions about your own health and bodies, and he voted against your right to equal pay for equal work. You shouldn’t trust him with power.  

In 2013, Mickey voted against the Women’s Equality Act,which includes guarantees for equal pay for equal work, protections for victims of domestic violence, and access to reproductive health services. It passed, but no thanks to Mickey Kearns.

In 2017, Mickey voted against a bill (A00566A) that would have prevented your employer from accessing your health records to see if you are using birth control, and discriminating against you if they didn’t like the answer they found. The bill also would have prevented your employer from making you sign a waiver that would allow them to make your reproductive health choices for you. Mickey didn’t think you should be trusted to make those choices for yourself.

This is not acceptable. Mickey Kearns’ voting record is anti-woman, anti-family and anti-choice. Now he wants a promotion to Erie County Clerk, where he will have access to and authority over your vital records. His record demonstrates that he cannot be trusted with this sort of power. Say NO to Mickey Kearns for County Clerk.