Mickey Kearns is Carl Paladino’s hand-picked candidate for Erie County Clerk. Carl has been grooming Mickey for years, giving him over $25,000 in donations since 2007. Now Carl wants to give Mickey a promotion. We can’t let that happen.  

  • When Carl Paladino harassed duly elected African American school board members, Mickey Kearns was silent
  • When Carl Paladino sent racist, pornographic emails, Mickey Kearns was silent
  • When Carl Paladino compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla and wished that President Obama would die of mad cow disease, Mickey Kearns was silent

But when Carl Paladino ran for Governor, Mickey Kearns spoke right up and endorsed him!

Now Mickey Kearns wants to be promoted to Erie County Clerk, where he’ll control information about your ability to get a driver’s license, purchase a home, or start a small business. Carl Paladino’s hand-picked candidate cannot be allowed to have that sort of power. Say NO to Mickey Kearns for County Clerk.