Apparently, Mickey Kearns has better things to do than vote for the people of Erie County.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line and the financial well-being of Erie County was at stake during the waning hours of the last Assembly session of 2016-2017. Mickey Kearns’ reckless decision to skip that vote could have lost Erie County $24 million in December of this year alone, plus another $266.2 million in 2018. That would have socked county residents with a 102% increase in property taxes.

Mickey Kearns was caught missing a vote that was important to the people of Erie County.


Western New York lawmakers from both sides of the aisle—both Democrats and Republicans, in the Assembly, State Senate, and Erie County Legislature— all lined up to vote in favor of repairing roads and bridges, snow removal, and fighting the opioid crisis in Erie County.

Mickey Kearns didn’t vote yes to help Erie County. He didn’t vote no. He just couldn’t be bothered at all to vote for the bill that also received wide bipartisan support in three different legislative bodies.

After skipping out on every taxpayer in Erie County in his current job, now Mickey Kearns wants to be promoted to Erie County Clerk, where he’ll control information about your ability to get a driver’s license, purchase a home, or start a small business. Someone who can’t be bothered to do they job they have shouldn’t get a promotion. Say NO to Mickey Kearns for County Clerk.