Two-faced politicians are nothing new, but the way Mickey Kearns betrayed the LGBTQ community is pretty shocking. 

When he ran for mayor of Buffalo in 2009, Kearns courted the support of the gay community. He sought out, and gratefully accepted the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats of Western New York (SDWNY) and even attended the 2009 Pride Parade.

As part of his endorsement by the SDWNY, Mickey completed a questionnaire where he pledged to support a series of issues important to the LGBTQ community, including voting against the New York Defense of Marriage Act, supporting the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) and protecting LGBTQ youth from violence and discrimination.

But when Mickey was elected to the Assembly in 2011, he turned his back on us:

  • He voted against GENDA
  • He voted to support the torture of our youth by supporting harmful conversion therapy
  • He even told the media that if he had been in the Assembly when the vote came for Marriage Equality, he would have voted against it

Now Mickey Kearns wants to be promoted to Erie County Clerk, where he will oversee paperwork for marriage licenses, adoption, and gender identification on driver’s licenses. It’s time for the LGBTQ community to stand up to Mickey Kearns and keep him from getting that kind of power over our lives.

Oh, and Mickey is also close to noted homophobe Carl Paladino, accepting over $25,000 in contributions from him and endorsing him when he ran for Governor. Say NO to Mickey Kearns for County Clerk.